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Who are the Best FPL Defenders and Goalkeepers options for Gameweek 11?

Factors to pick Top players

Consider three factors to select a good player.

The first factor is the individual competitiveness of the player. (60%)

The second factor is the competitiveness of the team.(20%)

The third factor is the competitiveness of the opponent who plays, fixture.(20%) However, the third item doesn’t have much impact this season because there is not much difference between the level of the strong and the weak teams.

The first thing to look for is the competition of the team. Let’s find out the points of the last 10 weeks of Gameweek for defenders and golfers. It is the total points of the defensive players who played in the match.

The average score and standard deviation of each team do not show a big difference. Chelsea, West Ham, Wolves, and Aston Villa are in the upper group.

In the last three games, the Spurs have shown quite a strong defense.

Premier League Chelsea

Player’s competitiveness

The following is a comparison of the individual competencies of each palyer. The acquisition points (Pnt) and the acquisition points (P/G) per competition were calculated based on the results of the entire season and the results of the last three game.

And to compare the rankings relatively, I calculated the ranking by item. ‘T_P/G + L3_P/G’ is the sum of each ranking. The following table orders are also based on this column. ‘Top 1k’ is the relative ratio chosen by the top 1000 managers based on Gameweek 10.

‘Team Defense Ranking’ is the ranking of the team’s defensive players as described above.

I considered the items comprehensively on a Pick basis and selected only one person per team for risk distribution. Considering the above data comprehensively, Chillwell, Coufal, Reguilon, Aston Villa, and Cresswell were chosen. It is also recommended that the respective budget and preferred teams be selected based on the above players.

Who is the best Goalkeepers?

The same criteria were applied to the selection of golfers. Please refer to the figure above because there is a small difference in cost and acquisition points for goalkeepers.

With many injured and many exhausted players, Gameweek 11 will start soon. I hope you get a good result.

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