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The Best midfielders and forwards for Fantasy PL Gameweek 12?

Are you thinking about choosing forward and Midfielders? I’ll give you a statistical approach to the recommended players. Look at the data you can trust and decide on this week’s fantasy selection.

Teams’ attack performance

The team’s ability to attack must be good to achieve high scores. Each week, I added the score of each team’s midfielder and forward players. This is the offense ranking of each team that is not listed in the league rankings. Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, and Southampton were also chosen.

Based on the team’s ability to attack and the opponent’s ability to defend for the next five weeks, I calculated the expected acquisition points. Considering the other side, Man City and Leicester have moved up to the top.

Players’ attack performance

The performance of each player was analyzed in detail. Total is Pnt (Point) and P/G (Point per Game) earned during the entire game period. Last 3 is Pnt (Point) and P/G (Point per Game) acquired in the last 3 games. We analyzed it like this to take into account both the overall period and the recent period. To make it easier to compare rankings, we added the ranking for the previous two categories. ‘T_P/G + L3_P/G’ is simple in the ranking. The lower the sum, the better the player.
‘Top 1k’ is the ratio of top 1000 managers, and Team Attack Ranking is the ranking of the teams selected from the above graph.

Considering the various capitulation, I recommends a combination of Calvert-Lewin, Vardi, and Bamford. You can add Kane instead of Vardi.

The following is Midfielders, the most important part of the weekly scoring. I recommend a combination of Son, Fernandes, Mahrez, and De Bruyne. Salah ruled out Liverpool because there were too many injured players. Of course, it’s personal freedom of choice.

I hope my choice will be successful this week. I will also write a review of the results after the game.

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