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My Private Classic League Score and Ranking Disclosure.(GW1 ~ GW10)

Fantasy league makes more fun!!!

Fantasy is more fun with friends and co-workers who like the Premier League than playing alone. I also make a private league with my company acquaintances and play games together. All the league members are participating in their third Fantasy season.

The weekly ranking and cumulative ranking of the Private League will be counted according to the results of each week’s competition.

According to the results of the tally, there are managers who consistently rank similar, and some people go up and down the top and bottom.

When you look at the cumulative score, the managers’ It was clear that the scores were grouped together. In the picture below, the first and third places are in the first group, the fourth and eighth places are in the second group, and the ninth and 12th places are in the third group.

High Risk High Return

There’s plenty of time left to go to the top group because there’s still a lot of games left. However, a group of good players is almost known and it is a big risk to make a big difference in a week within the same group.

My Private Leaguers Benchmark

A benchmark can be formed with the top 11 players chosen in common by 12 managers in my private leaguers . Benchmark players can identify the most popular players every week.

Benchmarkers are grouped into three groups. The first is the group that shone only in the beginning of the season last year due to its excellent performance, the second is the group that has been popular since the beginning of the season and the third is the group that has been popular since the middle of the season.

The first group includes Alexander-Arnord, van Dijk, and Aubameyang. The second is Salah, Son, and the third is Fernandes and Grealish.

Based on the scores of the weekly benchmark players, I compared managers in the Private League. Some managers consistently scored higher than benchmarks by a small margin, while others had a wide variety of good times and bad times.

Exceeding the benchmark is the key to first place.

The top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with higher scores compared to benchmarks were the same as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places based on cumulative scores.

I compared the score difference of individual managers through the following notes chart. The red dotted line is the benchmark.

Participating in a private or public league makes Fantasy more interesting because it can compete and share the latest news with each other.

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