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FPLtips Best Picks for Gameweek 10

Salah is Back.

Will Salah be able to join the Premier League right away this week? Even if he returns, it is hard to be sure whether he will show his previous performance.

Mohamed Salah Returned To Liverpool Training After Benefitting From Coronavirus Quarantine ‘Loophole’

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Salah is Back !

My Best 11 players

Assuming Salah returns to the game normally, the best 11 players were calculated statistically.

Cumulative points(Pnt), points per game(P/G) and points per cost(P/C) were calculated over the entire period and the last three weeks. The individual scores were difficult to compare among the players, so the Rank was additionally calculated and added.

Next Gameweek Expected Team Point is a team point calculated based on offense and defense. This is because individual players are more likely to earn high points only when each team has high points.

Top 1k is the ratio of players to the top 1000 players in the overall ranking. Alpha (300-1k) is the difference between the ratio of the top 300 players in the overall ranking and the ratio of the top 1000 players.

All tables are sorted in descending order by P/G over the entire period. Let’s look at the facts first.

Defence !

Chillwell is at the top of Total P/G, Team Point, Top 1k and Alpha factor. Ming is at the top of the P/G, Team Point, and Alpha factor. Bellerin has done well in recent matches and earned the highest percentage (4%) in Alpha.

Attact !!

There are a lot of debatings between Kane and Vardy, but the Top 1k managers chose Kane. Calvert-Lewin is ranked second, and Bamford, which shows the best cost-effectiveness, was chosen in P/G order.

The golfer chose Martinez, who has a high percentage of top 1k, because the top players do not differ much from each other.

Midfielder !!!

Next is the most important midfielder. I’m worried because Spurs are playing against Chelsea this week. However, past records have no choice but to trust Son for another week. Salah, the top Premier League player, is expected to play some part in his first game.
Recently, we added a team attack, Grealish and Ziyech, and Ward-Prowsih is performing well compared to the low cost.

GW10 is about to begin. This week, Spurs and Chelsea are looking forward to a big match, Salah’s comeback game.


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