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FPL Top 1k’s most popular player in the statistical system for GW11 and GW12

Top 1000 manager’s choices.

There are many Internet sites that recommend watch-list players. However, what is actually reliable is the managers at the top of the overall landing. What forwarders and defenders did managers at the top pick? Let’s find out together.

The following results will be a good guide to the choice of Gameweek 12 as a result of Gameweek 11.

Calvert-Lewin (8.0) has only two points for Gameweek 10, but continues to be a much-selected forward. He also scored six points this week, showing a rather disappointing result. As a result of Eve, it will be a good guide to choosing Gameweek 12. Everton’s disadvantage is to meet some difficult opponents such as CHE(H) and LEI(A).
The second is Jamie Vardi. This week, he scored a dramatic goal for the SHU, which excited fans. There will be a competition between BHA(H) and EVE(H) in the future, so they are in a relatively advantageous position.
Kane, who scored low for two consecutive weeks, scored 12 points with Son this week. There will be a game against a difficult opponent in the future, but it is worth choosing because it is the No. 1 attacking team in the league.

Ziyech: Hamstring injury – Expected back 26 Dec

Ziyech is expected to return to 26 Dec. due to injury. So I have no choice but to add Fernandes and Son. De Bruyne, who scores high every week, is also a good choice.
Liverpool has a lot of injured players, so it’s better to put De Bruyne than Salah, which is security. Marhrez, who showed off his skills for a while, also hesitates to think about the cost (8.4).

Chelsea defenders are doing well every week. Either Zouma or Chillwell is a good choice. Even if there is a slight risk, it seems okay to put both.

Justin, who plays as a midfielder in every game, is a player whom top 1000 managers love constantly. Vestergaard scored nine points in this week’s game, as if to reward the managers who voted for him. The 4.8 point is a player who is not a waste of money.

The choice of goalkeepers doesn’t have to worry too much. I recommend MacCarty, which is more cost-effective than a high-cost player (Schmeichel).

I wish you a great success in Gameweek 12.

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