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FPL Kings to watch for GW 20 | GW 19 Review and Best Midfielders

Gameweek 19 Point review| 119 Points

The chaotic GW19 is over. I feel good because I got a higher point than I thought. Stone, Justin’s performance was very good and Bench Booster’s influence was very great. I was very lucky.

It’s a composition that was made after deducting 16 points. It was a risky configuration, but fortunately, it turned out well.

Best Midfielders for Gameweek 20

I compared mid-priced midfielder players. The players compared are Gundogan, Saka, Madison, Barnes, Foden, and Grealish.

Some of them are already in possession, and some are considering recruiting new players. They are all good players who have been doing well recently.

Among these players, I will compare Gundogan and Saka, whose prices are low and performing very well. The average acquisition score for the last five matches is 8.2 and 7.8, which is very high.

Expected performance for Next 5 Gameweek

Let’s predict future GW5 performance with Fixture. Gundogan will play games with WBA, SHU, BUR, LIV, and TOT. They are relatively easy opponents except for LIV.

On the other hand, let’s watch Saka’s Fixture together. It’s SOU, MUN, WOL, AVL, and LEE. They are not easy to deal with because of their strong defense. The expected acquisition score is also relatively low at 3.3.

Gundogan vs Saka

In terms of the average acquisition score of the past acquisition and the expected acquisition of the next five games, Gundogan is advantageous. Please pick a player in advance before the price goes up.

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