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Find out the best player from top 1k mamagers’ picks for GW8 | FPL

Captain everything!

I analyzed the GW 8 selection of the top 1000 managers in the overall ranking of GW7. I looked at the same from 1st to 1000th place, and organized the teams of the players, captains, and players that they selected. I hope it helps you choose a player.

By GW 7, KANE and SON have more people to vote for KANE as Captain thanks to their outstanding performances. 70% of the top 1000 managers picked Kane. Salah’s ratio dropped sharply as the Lieberpool’s offense weakened and the GW8 was facing man city.

1% of people who put their hopes on one percent are also spotted.

Kane and Son, please again?

Spurs don’t seem to have many players to replace Kane and Son because they are about to play West Brom. You picked a lot of good players, MaCarty (12.5 percent up) and Walker-Peters (11.7 percent up). I’m looking forward to seeing if they can live up to their expectations.

James Rodrigue’s Everton (2.4% Up) coming back to the game this week has gone up a lot. Chelsea (0.8% up) is also a slight increase. Liverpool and Aston Villa are missing a lot of players ahead of the strong team. I wonder if it will be as predicted by top 1000 managers.

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