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FPL Kings to watch for GW 20 | Best Forward and Defenders

Finding Best Forward?

It is difficult to choose a good forward because there are many injured people. Let’s compare players who produce good results at low prices.

The players I chose are Bamford, Maupay, Watkins, Antonio, Wilson, and Adams.

Among these players, the players I was worried about are Watkins and Antonio. Both players are quite popular players in the FPL because of their recent good performance.

The first player is Watkins.

Aston Villa will play against BUR, SOU, WHU, ARS, and BHA in the future. It’s a tough schedule to deal with some difficult teams.

The average expected score is 3.6.

Next is Antonio. LIV, AVL is not easy, but the rest of the opponents are weak teams. Thanks to you, the expected average score is 4.5.

Players Picks

We compared the past performance of the two players with the expected score of the next five. Watkins is a little ahead of the past score, but Antonio has a higher expected score. My Picks is Antonio.

Finding Best Defender?

This time, he’s a striker. Let’s compare Stons, Tierney, Targett, Wan-bissaka, Dallas, and Coufal. I personally liked Dallas, but I’m sorry that the recent performance has not been good.

The two players I will compare are Targett and Coufal, who performed well in GW19.

Originally from England, Targett is showing his skills growing every week at a young age. It’s okay except for the SOU in the future. The expected acquisition score is 3.1.

Next is Coupal. Except for LIV, they’re definitely good players. The expected acquisition score is 3.7 which is quite high.

I compared the past score with the expected score of the next 5 games. The past performance is high in Targett, but the future score is high in Coufal. My Picks is also Coupal. There are already three Asponvilla players, so I can’t pick Targett even if I want to.

I hope you enjoyed the video below and helped with the FPL.

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