You are currently viewing FPL Captain poll for Gameweek 15 from Top 4 news provider!

FPL Captain poll for Gameweek 15 from Top 4 news provider!

Taditional Shoot-out: Liverpool vs Manchester City

Considering the fixture in GW15, Liverpool and Manchester City play against relatively easy opponents.

In the end, most managers will choose one of the captains, Mohamed Salah (pound 12.4m) and Kevin De Bruyne (pound 11.8m).

Mohamed Salah vs Kevin De Bruyne

The first is fantasyfootballscout. Salah is ranked first. The percent of De Bruyne is relative very low. Femandes( vs Leicester ) is unexpectedly high.

Even though Vardy is in injury, there are enthusiastic fans.

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The percentage of Salah is the highest ever!

The second is fantasyfootballhub. Liverpool had have a long break. The last game was Sat, 12/19. This means Salah can get the best condition. But, Minamino can be the starting member, instead of Salah. Because the other side is WBA.

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Salah is more than 84%.

There seems to be no alternative but Salah. Everyone has the same opinion.

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Who will you captain for GW15 ?

Answer is Salah.

But this is the very good chance to make difference in your league.

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Let’s enjoy watching these candidates’ game!!!

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