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FPL Kings to Watch for Gameweek 14.

Tight Schedule, But more attraction

This week’s tight schedule made the players tired, but fans could watch more games. Despite these schedules, players like Rashford, who had previously failed to show their skills, scored high points, so there were many things to watch. Let’s set this week’s transfer based on the statistics so far.

The most important criterion for selecting a competitor in the Fantasy PL is Points per game. On average, a consistently good player can be of great help when considering the overall schedule.

When comparing players, points per game for the entire schedule and points per game for the last three games were considered simultaneously.

Another consideration is the schedule of the game. It was colored according to the difficulty of the opponent. The difficulty of the opponent was based on the current Premier League standings.


Rashford, soucek, Sterling and Maddison is outstanding in the last 3 games. Rashford scored three goals, assisted once and taken as many shots as Bruno with four more of them being in the box. But, Man Utd has a lot of tough opponents ahead.

‘Top 1k Pick’ means the percentage of Top 1k managers squad. Son is the highest percentage of ownership.


Choosing a defender is not an easy task. This is because it is not easy for a high-scoring player this week to score high again next week. In the end, the Points per game must set a high score.

Holgate, Vesteraard is outstanding in above table. Justin was chosen by TOP 1k Manners for his low points. When selecting a defender, it is important to note whether the player starts each game.


Choosing between Kane and Vardy is a very difficult decision. Considering the future schedule, I think Kane is a better choice.

Wilson’s performance has dropped significantly in recent years compared to the beginning. Considering Fixure, the other side is also difficult.


The goalkeeper chose Martinez and McCarthy a lot of top 1k managers. However, McCarthy’s poor performance has led to a drop in the proportion of McCarthy’s performance. Pope is considered a good alternative.

Good luck to All !!!

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