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Fantasy premier league forwards and midfielders for the Best Gameweek 11

How to select a good player?

By what standards do you select good players? I am a player’s individual ability (60%), team’s ability (20%), and Fixtures (20%). But this season, as the game progresses, there are so many variables and accidents in the third fixture that it’s hard to predict. So this time will focus on the abilities of individuals and their teams.

The figure below is the current reference Team Ranking. It’s the easiest data to compare, but it’s not enough to compare defense and offense.

Self made scoreboard

I made a scorecard that the striker and the midfielder earned to compare offense capabilities by team. Each team scored by striker and midfielder in the last 10 weeks. The order of attack is Spurs, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and Southampton. The average score of each team is not much different. However, if you look at the standard deviation, there is quite a difference. Of course, you have to pick a player from a team with a small standard number of people.

The following data table provides a comprehensive comparison of the individual competencies. Let’s analyze the forward players first.

The ‘team defensive ranking’ is the team’s defensive ranking as described above.

Picks from ranking system

The following is a comparison of the individual capabilities of each captain. The points of acquisition (Pnt) and points of acquisition (P/G) per competition were calculated according to the results of the pre-season competition and the results of the last three games.

Then, to compare the ranks relatively, they were calculated by itemized. ‘T_P/G + L3_P/G’ is the sum of each rank. The following table orders are also based on this column.

“Top 1k” is the ratio of opponents chosen by the top 1,000 managers based on Game Week 10.

Best forwards !!!

In the case of attackers, Calvert-Lewin(5) was ranked first. Kane was recently excluded from Pick because of his injury and poor game performance. The next players don’t make much difference. I recommend Jesus(10), Cavani(11), and Wilson(11) as strikers.

Best midfileders !!!

The midfielders are divided into three groups. The first group is Fernandez (3), Mahrez (7), the second group is Jota (10), Son (10), and the third group is Ward-Prowse (16) and Ziyech (18).

The above players comprehensively considered individual abilities, team abilities, and the ratio of top 1k managers.

Please consider your personal preferences and your available budget and choose a good player. May God be with you.

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