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Fantasy Premier league 5 Tips for Beginners and Intermediate.

The most important thing in the Fantasy Premier League is to get a high point, not a game result. Fantasy Premier League is all about the points. You get points for Goals, assists, saves, clean sheets and best players in games.

Even if the team of the players you choose loses the game, the player only needs to score a lot of goals.

Soccer Football – Premier League

1) It is important to find and select an attacking-mind player.

  • A defensive player who acts as a wingback is more likely to score an assist goal.
  • The attacking midfielder scores higher points with more assists or goals than the defensive midfielder.
  • Since a good defender is more likely to get a higher score than a good defender to get a higher score, you should focus on the striker. Defenders, of course, have little difference in cost, but attackers have a lot of difference in cost.

2) High in the price of a player does not always make a high score.

The competitor’s score is determined by the activity of the last season. Players who didn’t do well last season often do well this season. Although relatively inexpensive, it is important to find and select players who continue to earn high points each week. They are very cost-effective players.

Soccer Football – Premier League

3) Let’s not dwell too much on the results of past games.

Every week there is a high probability that a good player will continue to do well, but not always. Variables are always variable due to changes in individual condition and position within the team. With Fantasy Football, Consistency is key and approach week is different from the last. You have to prepare for various configurations because you can use players from all teams.

4) Diversify!

It is very dangerous to compose my squad with players from the top three teams. This is because if a game is twisted, you will miss a lot of points. This is common in this year’s variable Premier League. You don’t have to pick players from every team, but minimize the number of people who pick two or more.

(Team distribution count in Top 1000 managers)
(The average cost and players count in Top 1000 managers from each postion)

5) Player Price Changes

The players should be carefully monitored for price changes. After a few games, the price of good players can go up quickly and not be able to buy them. Also, many of my players who are not good at it often have their prices down at some point. Sometimes it is necessary to make a decision to replace the player ahead.

The price of a player goes up as more people buy it, and it goes down to eight. Don’t forget that even if the player I have is up, only half of the increase can be recognized and sold.

Selling Price – Buying Price / 2

Some points that you should be aware of:

  • A player’s price can only change three times per week. After that, his price is locked until the next game week begins.
  • A player’s price can only change once per day.
  • The price change usually occurs after midnight.
  • If you sell a player, you will not be able to get him back for the original price, only the current price
  • Players that are flagged for injuries will change price at a much slower pace.

6) Pay attention to fixtures.

It’s extremely important to know which team my players are playing against next. Depending on the opponent’s performance, the number of points that players can earn is very variable. You have to figure out whether the opponent team is a strong defense or a strong offense and place my attackers and defenders well.

Experience is the best teacher in Fantasy. But if you always remember the above tips, you can get to the top of the manager overall landing in your short time.

Good luck !!

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