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Let’s find out the Top 300 manager’s fascinating choice to get a higher score for GW10


What is alpha of Top 300 manager ?

I posted the results of the Overall Ranking Top 1k’s selection in the previous week before the Gameweek game began every week. Finding out if the choices made by the best managers were correct can improve my skills, and it’s

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Top 1000 managers’ Captain Pick!

Kane and Salah, who failed to show impressive performances, were not chosen by people. Instead, 42 percent of managers chose Bruno Fernandez, who earned 17 points for GW8. Calvert-Lewin, who is consistently performing, followed suit.

What the managers could still believe was the best chemistry between Kane and Son. Of course, they may have decided to trust each other for another week because of the cost burden of taking them out at once. ^^

Scary offense Spurs, Aston Villa, Everton and solid defense Chelsea have been picked as the favorite teams. The percentage of popular teams was calculated based on the teams belonging to individual players.

Top 300 managers vs Top 1000 managers

Any Fantasy manager can easily know who the Top group players in each position are. However, it is not easy to decide which player is different from the other manager for additional points. Top 300 managers introduce relatively large number of players.

The first is the choice of the captain. The difference in rate was not significant.

The following is a list of more popular players. Unexpectedly, the ratio of Bellerin (Arsenal) was quite high. Let’s find out how many points he get this week.

The following is a list of more unselected players. Timo Warner (FWD) didn’t expect good results. Indeed, he is consistently unable to score an offensive point.

I hope the data above will be of great help to the selection of GW10 players.

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