Who is the Best and Lowest team until GW8? | FPL

Best Team vs Best player

Soccer is a team game played by 11 players. You can’t win the game because only one outstanding player is good. On the contrary, all team members are more likely to score better if their abilities are good.

Fantasy’s goal is to get a high personal score, but team performance is also very important. Team performance was further analyzed because the Premier League’s ranking table did not reflect everything.

Best Attack Team

The sum of the scores of the players in the position group (GWP, DEF vs. MID, FWD) of each team was obtained. A team with a strong defense will have a high score in the defense group, while a team with a good offense will have a high score in the offense group.

Looking at the table above, Aston Villa, Leicester, Liverpool, Southampton, Spurs, etc. were high in offense. “GW Point/Cost” is a scorecard that takes into account the cost-effectiveness aspect of players divided by Cost by the overall score.
StDev is a standard deviation that assesses whether the team has consistently performed well or whether the score fluctuates greatly.

Best Defence Team

On average, Wolves, Aston Villa, and Chelsea scored high. The defense score of each team is lower on average compared to the attack score, and the deviation of each team is not large.

The standard deviation of the team’s defense score is expected to have been large this season due to high scores in the game.

What will happen to the next game?

I could see the strong and weak teams by position calculated above. Based on these data, I have estimated the expected score for the next five games. Let’s find out the attack score first.

The above table lists the teams for the next five weeks in each Premier League.

Each team’s average offensive score was doubled, and the opposing team’s defensive score was subtracted and the results were sorted out by Gameweek. It is calculated twice the average attack score to give the difference in attack scores by team.

The calculation results were not much different from the simple ranking of the attack location shown above. However, there seems to be no big difference between the first and seventh places.

The following has been applied equally to defense scores.

Because the average defense score of each team is not as high as the attack score, it is calculated by tripling the defense score and subtracting the attack score.

The team’s expected score on the defensive side was slightly different from team to team. Volves, Aston Villa, and Chelsea came out high. However, it is not easy to pick a good player because the Volves use several defenders in turn. Please refer to the defender’s choice.

My conclusion

Please make Gameweek 9 Squad considering my Fantasy PL team analysis and existing individual player analysis. Thank you.

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