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Southampton's Danny Ings

What is alpha for Gameweek 8? (Top 1k vs Top300) | FPL

Seeking Alpha!

It’s hard to pick a good player, but it’s harder to pick a better player.

It’s Beta to imitate others, and Alpha to find something different from others. Finding Alpha is a difficult process and requires more risk.

Southampton’s Danny Ings

To make this process easier, I directly compared Top 300 managers’ picks and Top 1000 managers’ picks at Fantasy PL. Ranking is the result of scores up to GW 7, and the selected players are the result of GW8. Players for GW8 can no longer be Transfer In/Out, but please refer to them for GW9 matches.

(Sorting is in “Rate Diff” order. Last Pnt: Last Point)

in the above table, he confidence in Wilson, the best forward in Newcastle, is extraordinary. 122 out of 300 people (41%) voted Wilson. The key Aston Villa striker, Jack Greaslich, has a higher percentage of 60%.

In the above table, you know that Chelsea and Man Utd have been jumbled up recently. Thanks to this, the ratio of Timo Warner and Rashford is relatively low. Raul Jimenez’s outstanding performance early in the season gradually faded from my memory, and his rate continued to drop.

The managers in the top rankings chose Captain Kane more. Heung-Min Son sometimes scores high, but he thought there was a limit to scoring as a midfielder every game.

I hope it helped you choose GW9. I wish you good luck.

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