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The Best players for each position until GW7. | FPL

Total performance vs Last 3 game performance until GW7

Continue to a high average player is good at easy to expect. But results of the game, the last three also very important. Played a good team and player in the atmosphere is still rising probability is higher. So, this season’s overall performance and compare the performance of the last three games.

On the right side of the figure below, green cells show the ranks for the scores. This is because it is not easy to compare palyers based on scores alone. The conditional form in Excel was added in red to make it stand out.

The table below is sorted in descending order by Total Point criteria.

※ Pst: Postion, Pnt(P): Point, Last Pnt: Last game point, P/G: Point per gmae, P/C: Point per cost

Who is The Best Forward?

(Pst:Position, Pnt:Point, P/G:Point per Game, P/C:Point per Cost)

As expected, Kane’s performance is overwhelming. As a result, many managers put him in their suard and even chose him as captain. Within this comparison I picked three forwards. Vardi was excluded at high cost, with Wilson and Calvert-Lewin excluded because of poor results in the last three games.

The results of the recent game were good, so we picked Werner rather than Ings. There may be other determinants in the selection of the players, but this time the selection was based on the above tables only.

As expected of Son !!!

(Pst:Position, Pnt:Point, P/G:Point per Game, P/C:Point per Cost)

There is no need to worry about choosing a midfielder. There is Son, a reliable Salah, who shows outstanding performance this season. Most people will agree to even vote for the high-scoring Grealish. Of course, Salah’s P/C ranking is so low that it is a little hesitant.

If the team picks Ward-progress, which shows a sharp rise in the last three games, it seems to be balanced in midfielder selection.

Goal-scoring defenders

(Pst:Position, Pnt:Point, P/G:Point per Game, P/C:Point per Cost)

Chelsea is showing solid defense as a candidate for the championship. Zouma and Chillwell are selected here, but I chose Zouma for the cost-effectiveness. Saiss has been excluded because he has missed a recent game.

The golfer chose Martinez, who showed high scores and high cost-effectiveness.

My Pick: 11 for field / 4 for bench.

(Pst:Position, Pnt:Point, P/G:Point per Game, P/C:Point per Cost)

The competitors were chosen to be on the field and bench within the total cost of 1000.

The Top 1000 managers’ Average Cost and the number of players by position

To determine the total cost by position, the top 1000 managers were analyzed for player placement.

In addition, to determine the number of defenders, midfielders, and strikers, the same top managers were analyzed.

And I decided based on their Average Cost and the number of players by position.

The picture below is organized for a quick look at the players selected from the table above.

My Picks for GW8 and The result.

So what was the result of GW8 for the players who chose GW7 based on the results? Not all players scored high, but they scored fairly high with a total score of 73 points. Kane was Captain.

Of course, if you don’t use wild cards, you can’t change the entire player to the above figure because you already have players you’ve chosen. However, if you refer to the players above when there are low-performing players in your squad, it will greatly help improve your score. Thank you.

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