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3 Reasons Why Kane(tot) Is the Captain in Gameweek 12.

De Bruyne is against Man Utd this week, so he has to choose another Captain this week. The likely candidates are Salah, Kane and Vardi.

Among the leading candidates, I chose Kane. Let me introduce 3 reasons why I chose Kane.

1. The opponent is a relatively easy team.

The figure below shows the combined scores of each team’s defenders and goalkeepers during the last 5 games. This picture makes it easy to compare the defense of each team. Kane’s Crystal Palace is 18th, Salah’s Fulham is 14th, and Vardi’s Brighton is 12th.

Kane is more likely to score high because he meets an easy opponent.

2. Kane’s recent performance is good.

I analyzed statistically based on the overall performance of the individual athletes and their recent results. Salah has an 8.7 point P/G (Point per Game) over the entire period, while P/G in the last three games has 6.7 points on average.

The average score of Kane is 7.5 points, and Vardi is 6.2 points. Salah is higher if only simple points are compared, but Salah should take into account points such as Midfield and more points in assists.

He’s on penalty duties which gives him another edge

3. Kane can get enough rest.

One of the biggest variables this season is the Europa League or the Champions League. Salah started and played in the Champions League qualifying match against Midtjylland.

However, Tottenham have already secured a spot in the Europa League finals. It is certain that Kane and Son will not play the game against Antwerp on the 11 Dec.

Leicester has also confirmed its bid for the Europa League finals, Vardi is also not expected to play in the week.

As I analyzed, I hope Kane will get a big score in this week’s game. Kane!


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